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Let’s get started: Gainesville, Florida

Before we take off on our adventure I figured I should highlight a place very dear to my heart!


Welcome to Gainesville, Florida! Home of the Florida Gators and my current home away from home!


What I personally think is the biggest deal about Gainesville is that it is not just my home but home to the University of Florida, “the oldest and most prestigious university in the state” according to the university’s tour guides. It is a total college town. Everything is centered around the university and whether you are a student or a true Gainesville resident, odds are that you bleed Orange & Blue for the Gators. As of 2012, the city of Gainesville had about 126,047 residents (United States Census Bureau) and almost half of those are current students (49,785 says the University of Florida Admissions page).
As you can imagine, Gainesville is quite a lively place. There are incredible restaurants such as Satchel’s Pizza, a locally owned, cash only type of place that lets you eat inside an old hippy VW van, or The Top which is where we would call “downtown” and has a very hipster vibe with countless decorations on every wall. There is also all the nightlife you could ever want between midtown full of bars and downtown with clubs ranging from upscale to country-western. My favorite part of Gainesville by far has to be all the nature that surrounds it. Paynes Prairie is a local state park a few miles away full of wildlife and peace beyond your wildest dreams. Ginnie Springs and Ichetucknee Springs are freshwater springs also nearby where you can rent or bring your own tube and float on down the springs!

There’s a little bit of everything for everyone in this city and that’s why so many people choose to make it their home! (at least for 4 years I guess).


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