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The Rat’s Mouth: Boca Raton, Florida



Our journey continues with a four and a half hour road trip south to the beautiful Boca Raton, Florida. You may be familiar with Boca since Hollywood and celebrities love to bring it up in reference to Jewish culture (last week’s SNL episode with Drake had a cute little shout out to Boca). Yes, Boca has a lot of Jews. Actually, according to jewishnetwork.com, “Boca Raton has the highest percentage Jewish population in the country, about 40%”. So what does this mean for the city of Boca Raton? Well, I think it means GREAT BAGELS. I know it sounds funny but if you think bagels are great in New York then you probably didn’t realize that the parents of the owners of the bagel places you like to go to there probably moved to Boca in the 70’s like all good northern Jews do and open AMAZING bagel places in Boca. My favorite place is called Way Beyond Bagels where you can literally get anything on a bagel and it will be the best thing you’ve ever had to eat in your life.


So, why did I choose to bring you to Boca Raton? Well, I showed you Gainesville which is where I currently live but Boca is where I was raised. Growing up with the mixture of my friend’s Jewish culture and my Hispanic culture made Boca an incredible place to learn about the differences between people in the world and helped to inspire my passion to explore it. Now, since I was quoting from the jewishnetwork.com page, they had one more quote that I thought would really help sum up Boca for you: “With a population of 50,000, strict development codes, lots of parks and green space, relatively little traffic, beautiful beaches and no bad neighborhoods, Boca Raton is an island sanctuary, in a vast sea of urban and suburban concrete and congestion”. They did a good job, right? I thought so.

Basically, Boca is beautiful. It is REALLY well-kept. It’s composed mostly of gated neighborhoods and Country Clubs. One of the oldest is Boca West Country Club (and also has the oldest people in it) another popular one is Woodfield Country Club (which has younger families living there). Since I mentioned older people, Boca is known as a place people go to retire. Boca Raton, from my perspective is pretty much full of “seniors” (which according to most neighborhoods and movie theaters in Boca Raton in 55 and up but my definition is more like 70 and up). As you can imagine, driving is quite the experience with all of these “seniors” on the road but you get used to it after a while (even though almost everyone that has a Twitter in Boca Raton will probably complain about how “old people are terrible drivers” in a tweet at some point in their lives…Im 97.3% sure of it).

Another big thing in Boca Raton is shopping. The Boca Raton Town Center Mall may not be the biggest mall in the world, but it certainly has elegant stores to spare. You can check out the store directory here but Neiman Marcus, Burberry, Mont Blanc, and Vince Camuto are just some of the popular stores you can see there.



Besides shopping, Boca Raton also offers a good amount of outdoor activities for you to enjoy. Most people in Boca Raton enjoy playing golf and there are golf courses galore, both private and public so everyone can enjoy the style they prefer. My two favorite outdoor activities in Boca are going to the beach and visiting Gumbo Limbo Nature Center. Boca Raton is right on the eastern coast of South Florida so the beach is always a few minutes (if not a few steps away) from wherever you are. When you’re exhausted from swimming around in the Atlantic Ocean, you can cross the street and head on over to Gumbo Limbo! There, you can see rescued sea turtles and learn about how to be environmentally friendly as well as see sharks and stingrays and even seahorses!


Whether you’re favorite part was being somewhere that Drake talked about, the shopping, the food, or the sea turtles, I hope you enjoyed this trip to Boca Raton! See you on our next trip!


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