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Gonna soak up the sun: CocoCay, Bahamas

This past December I had the pleasure of taking a Royal Caribbean cruise  to the Bahamas. First of all, I’d like to start by saying that this was my first cruise ever and it was an incredible experience! We went to two different islands: CocoCay and Nassau.

IMG_3544  CocoCay was unlike anything I had ever experienced. It is a private island owned by Royal Caribbean which basically means that the entire island is full of tourists from the boat. Even though this isn’t my ideal “cultural experience” it definitely allowed me to get some much needed rest. According to Royal Caribbean, the 140 acre island “was awarded a Gold-Level Eco-Certification by Sustainable Travel International™ for its environmentally friendly activities and tours”. If you go there with Royal Caribbean you should be aware that you will have to pay extra to do anything “fun”. The only thing that comes included with the cruise is access to the island and the buffet they prepare for you…so basically lounging on the beach and eating. The rest you have to sign up for but in my opinion, doing at least one of the activities is worth it. Some of the activities include a children’s water park, kayaking and snorkeling. I took advantage of the parasailing that was available. One more thing to cross off the bucket list, you know? Being 400 feet above sea level with nothing but a harness between you and the water was freeing to say the least. I literally felt like I was flying and the water is so translucent that you can see all the marine life swimming around! Overall, CocoCay was a very peaceful island filled with nature and beauty but definitely lacking a human element and true Bahamian culture. Have you been to CocoCay? I’d love to hear your opinions and adventures!




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