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Gonna soak up the sun: Nassau, Bahamas


Welcome to Nassau! This was the second stop of my Royal Caribbean cruise. Nassau definitely made up for what CocoCay lacked in local culture. Depending on what you choose to explore in Nassau, you can choose to experience a more local our touristy vibe.

Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas and the largest city as well. According to the official website of the Bahamas, its original settlers were pirates which explains why local vendors sell pirate souvenirs left and right. The city is located in New Providence Island which has a population of 212,000 people.

Nassau has many popular attractions for tourists. One of the most famous is the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort which provides tourists a fun recreational environment with all sorts of activities including swimming with dolphins! I personally chose to take a different path on my trip to Nassau and decided to wander the streets of the city to get a better idea of what the culture is like. The people there are very welcoming! Everyone will smile and greet you and it makes you feel like the warmth of the sun rubs off on them too. You can tell very quickly that most of the city’s revenue comes from the tourism industry because there are stores and small shops on almost every single street and people are trying to get you to buy everything from hand-made souvenirs to Mont Blanc pens in the high-end stores.

The architecture in the city is absolutely beautiful. The buildings are old and you can tell but it adds so much charm and history to the place. Even though there were also restaurants on every corner, I did not eat at the local places because like the college student I am, I had to go to Señor Frogs for lunch. Needless to say it was a great time and the view from the restaurant was spectacular!

IMG_3638 See you on our next trip!


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