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Middlebury, Vermont

Alright guys, time to take a break from all the Paris excitement to talk about another wonderful place on this planet: VERMONT. A couple of years ago, if you asked me to find Vermont on a map of the U.S I honestly wouldn’t be able to find it but after actually going there I realized that a place I had never paid attention to is actually so so so worthy of it.  I made a trip over to Vermont about a year ago and discovered that Middlebury, Vermont is a beautiful town full of waterfalls and green pastures. Nature is at its brightest in the spring there and you can see all different kinds of flowers blooming on every street. According to the town’s Wikipedia page, the town has a population of 8,496 and is home to Middlebury College. I realized that because Middlebury is a small town, it is very influenced by the college and can have a college atmosphere (which made it very comfortable for me). My next post will be about other places in Vermont so we can continue learning about this lovely state!Image


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