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Guide to Travel Part II

Continuing with our list of things you should know before going abroad…

4) Get to know the cuisine.
   Do your research and see what the popular dishes of the country you want to visit are (specially if you’re a picky eater). Getting familiar with the foods you will eat will make the transition much easier! Take a look at this awesome recipe posted by Keighly Cambers for a great and new idea! While you’re looking at recipes, check out Clint Holzapfel’s amazing food blog for more ideas.

5) Watch movies!
   Watching movies is a totally acceptable way to do research about a country you will explore! It’s a great way to get a sense of what the culture is like and what to expect when you get there. Monica Marin Diaz has an excellent blog about her passion for movies and has a specific post about Australia that is sure to inspire some of you!


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