A Small World After All

A glimpse into the incredible places that make up our planet


The world is an incredible place. There is diversity everywhere. Not just between continents or countries but also between cities and even parts of towns. As a child I dreamt of seeing everything the world had to offer. I wanted to travel, explore new cultures, see how people live their lives, be open to new perspectives. I even wanted to have my own TV show on the Travel Channel so I could teach people about the wonders there are to explore, which is why I became a telecommunications major. Now, as a college student, I realize that this beautiful dream is a little harder than it seemed since in theory it requires a lot of money which I currently don’t have due to the whole “college student” part. However, just because I currently can’t physically travel the world doesn’t mean that I can’t start learning about it. This blog will be a place for me to choose random parts of the earth and research about them to the point that I feel like I’m there. I encourage you to tag along on my journey through the world and suggest places that you’d like me to explore next!

I’m ready to start this trip! Bon Voyage!!!


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